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Norstar Flash Voice Mail Light

Flash Voice Mail Light includes 12 mailboxes (10 users and general delivery, and administrator mailboxes), 90 minutes of storage, and the Flash Voice Mail feature set, with the exceptions of Custom Call Routing and Auto Attendant.
With Flash Voice Mail Light, voice mail is economical for even the smallest company, and investment protection is provided by the easy expansion capability.


Flash Voice Mail Light can be upgraded with a key code to Flash Model 2. This upgrade provides 12 additional mailboxes, as well as the Custom Call Routing and Auto Attendant.
There are three different Flash systems. The model number represents the number of voice channels enabled at the factory. You must use a four channel expanded Flash system to run both Flash Voice Mail and Flash ACD with minimum release of 1.9 or higher. Flash ACD is not available if you have a Flash Voice Mail Light system.


Type of flash system

Model Number

Number of Voice channels Number of Station ports Number of Mailboxes Minutes of message store
Voice Mail Light 2 2 1 12 90
Basic 2 2 1 24 90
Expanded 4 4 2 48 180